Guidance and courses

Stropp AS’s employees have extensive experience from the lifting and load securing industry as problem solvers and finding the optimal solution based on product and price. If we can get involved at an early stage of the project, we can guide our customers to find the best solution based on availability and price.
Several of our employees have extensive knowledge in wire rope and can help you choose the right wire rope for your crane or lifting device.

Stropp AS offers courses in our fields of expertise which are wire rope, lifting and load securing. We have developed a course for the construction industry that is held for everyone involved in a project, and the main purpose of the course is to avoid occupational accidents in connection with lifting operations in the daily work.

In addition, we hold product courses where we present standard and special products in different fields.
Stropp AS can create customized courses or presentations in collaboration with what the customer wants.


Stropp AS has entered a collaboration with Sapio Training and HSE, they have now opened a course centre at Kokstad. Sapio Training holds courses aimed at crane, construction and industrial industries. They set up courses to sign up for, it is the “first come, first served principle”.

Below you will find a link to the course plan set up at Kokstad. In addition, Sapio HSE can come to you as a company and server, as well as help the company to improve HSE internally in the company.

The slogan of Sapio Training and HSE

Our focus is training with people at the centre through certified and documented training, as well as various HSE services.