Terms of sale

Goods can be ordered directly in the online store, or by sending an order by e-mail to post@stropp.no It is also possible to order by phone, or by meeting in store / warehouse.

  • Deviations from these general terms and conditions must be agreed in writing.
  • Payment terms: 14 days from invoice date unless otherwise agreed.
  • Terms of delivery: EXW our address
  • Interest calculation in case of late payment of invoice: 9,5% p.a.
  • The time of delivery stated in the order confirmation is not a guaranteed delivery but informs about the expected delivery time. In case of urgent deliveries, this must be agreed directly with the order recipient.
  • We reserve the right to a sales lien on the delivered goods until the purchase price with interest and costs has been fully paid, cf. the Act. Section 3 – 14 to 3 – 22 of the Mortgage Act.
  • Goods are not returned until it has been agreed with the seller with us. Specially ordered items will not be returned. Costs associated with a return are invoiced to the customer, minimum 20% of the order amount.
  • Advertised goods cannot be returned for our freight bill without our prior consent.
  • In the event of a complaint, we will not be liable for amounts exceeding the value of delivered goods excluding VAT according to the invoiced amount.
  • We reserve the right to invoke Force Majeure for delays in national and international deliveries.
  • Complaints must be made within 10 days of receipt of goods.
  • Advertised goods and returned goods, where we have accepted return shipment to our warehouse, we shall manage return transport with our charterer.
  • Return shipping for delivered, but not cancelled, orders/backorders are paid by the customer.
  • Backorders are sent automatically after arrival of goods in stock, if the backorder has not been cancelled in writing (e-mail) by the customer.
  • There may be an incorrect price in the online store. We reserve the right to adjust this to the correct price and inform the customer when this is discovered.
  • We reserve the right to change prices in our online shop without further notice.